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  • Provider Search *****

    A facility that allows you to search for Medical Providers registered under AGC, MPPA or HPPA/PA arrangements.
  • Information and Links ***

    Key information and links to assist doctors, including information on ECLIPSE, privacy and the doctor search.
  • Doctor Search **

    Search for a Participating Access Gap Cover Doctor.
  • Healthshare *

    Healthshare provides a directory which allows members and GPs to access information about which specialists participate in funds medical gap cover schemes.
  • Privacy

    Information on AHSA's privacy policies for Doctors, contracted facilities and Hospitals.
  • Advocacy

    National and State based guidelines in consumer rights and privacy.
  • Spinal Surgery with Implants

    Information for funds relating to prostheses implants for spinal surgery.
  • Privacy Policy

    This section contains information on the AHSA Privacy Policy.
  • Da Vinci Robotic System

    This section provides information on the Da Vinci Robotic System.