In this section hospitals can access information regarding HCP and AN-SNAP data, format specifications, reporting requirements and submission as well as AHSA error reports.

In This Section
Contact AHSA Data Team

This section contains the AHSA Data Team contact details.

Data Reporting Requirements

Information for hospitals regarding their requirement to report Hospital Casemix Protocol data to insurers. This includes links to relevant Legislation.

Data Submission

Details of where and when to submit HCP & AN-SNAP data to AHSA.

Due Dates for Data Submission

Financial and Calendar year Due Dates for submission of Hospital HCP and AN-SNAP to AHSA.

Hospital HCP Data

HCP data reports 'admitted' episodes of hospital treatment as a monthly file by separation date. If the service is under the care of a hospital and a patient is admitted, the episode must be reported to AHSA in HCP submissions.

Hospital AN-SNAP Data

Rehabilitation facilities are required to submit an additional monthly file to AHSA consisting of AN-SNAP episodes.

Insurer Payer Codes

A list of all AHSA participating funds and their Insurer/Payer Codes effective 1st July 2015.