Hospital AN-SNAP Data

In addition to the monthly HCP episode data, facilities providing rehabiliatation services are required to submit a supplementary file of Australian National Sub-Acute and Non-Acute Patient Classification (AN-SNAP data) containing records for all admitted patients participating in rehabilitation programs. Specific information is provided regarding the functional gains of patients undergoing rehabilitation, as well as the AN-SNAP class.

This dataset is governed by the same legislated reporting requirements as HCP data and as such is a mandatory Department of Health data collection. The Hospital AN-SNAP Data Format Specification outlines the data elements required to be reported for 'admitted' Rehabilitation episodes.

The AN-SNAP data follows the same reporting time-frames as HCP data and should be submitted to AHSA using the AHSA Secure Data Exchange (SDX). For more information go to our data submission page.

Further information regarding the Australian National Sub-Acute and Non-Acute Patient Classification can be obtained from the Australasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC) based at the University of Wollongong - Australian Health Services Research Institute - AHSRI.

As insurers are required to submit HCP & AN-SNAP data to the Department of Health (DoH) with an error rate of 2% or less, AHSA validates hospital AN-SNAP data to ensure it complies with DoH HCP format specifications, reporting requirements and edits. If any anomalies are found, AHSA emails the HCP contact (designated by the hospital) a AN-SNAP error report to complete.

Hospitals are expected to provide the relevant corrections to their AN-SNAP errors within 7 working days.

Please contact AHSA Data Team if your require further assistance with completing these error reports.