Hospital HCP Data

The Hospital Casemix Protocol (HCP) data collection is a legislated data collection.  It stipulates the reporting requirements and content related to admitted episodes of Hospital Treatment. If the service is provided by a hospital (Hospital Treatment) and a patient is admitted, the episode should be reported in HCP data. This data includes clinical, demographic and financial information for privately insured admitted patient services.

For a copy of the current HCP Specifications go to Hospital HCP data format specifications.

HCP is a monthly dataset based on separation date and should be submitted within 42 days from the end of the month of discharge. A schedule of Due Dates is provided to assist hospitals in meeting this deadline.

It is a legislated requirement for all declared hospitals to provide HCP data to registered private health insurers who in turn report the information to the Commonwealth Department of Health (DoH).

As insurers are required to submit HCP data to the Department of Health (DoH) with an error rate of 2% or less, AHSA validates hospital HCP data to ensure it complies with DoH HCP format specifications, reporting requirements and edits. If any anomalies are found, AHSA emails the HCP contact (designated by the hospital) a HCP error report to complete.


AHSA SDX Hospital Validation Report and Resubmission Upload Instructions
AHSA SDX Hospital Validation Report and Resubmission Upload Instructions