Data Reporting Requirements

HCP and AN-SNAP data must be provided by hospitals to AHSA within 42 days of end of month of discharge. A schedule of Due Dates is provided by AHSA to assist hospitals in meeting this deadline.

Please note that these are compulsory reporting requirements for hospitals/insurers.

HCP reporting requirements for both declared hospitals and registered private health insurers to the Commonwealth Department of Health (DoH) is encompassed in the following legislation:

Private Health Insurance Act 2007 

Private Health Insurance (Health Insurance Business) Rules 2018

Private Health Insurance (Data Provision) Rules 2018

Further information can also be found on the Department of Health website.

Follow up of Non-Compliant Hospitals

PHI legislation allows for remedial action to be initiated by funds where these reporting requirements are not met.

AHSA is required to provide DoH with details of all facilities that have not complied with the Act by submitting the required data by 8 weeks after 'separation-month' end. Therefore please advise AHSA data Team if there are any issues that are affecting your facility's ability to meet these requirements.

Further information regarding HCP reporting requirements including the steps funds can take in the follow-up of non-compliant hospitals is available on the Department of Health website.