Data Submission

HCP and AN-SNAP data must be provided to AHSA within 42 days of the end of month of discharge. A schedule of Due Dates is provided below to assist hospitals in meeting this deadline.

All data must be sent to AHSA via the AHSA Secure Data eXchange (SDX) once registration has been confirmed by the AHSA Data Team. The data should be in .txt format and contain episodes for Insurer/Payer codes listed here.

DO NOT send data for AHSA member funds directly to individual funds.

Some AHSA member funds have a number of corporate plans or underwrite other health funds products. Regardless of the corporate plan or underwriting fund, the appropriate AHSA member fund HCP code must be used in the Hospital Casemix Data. A list containing HCP fund codes for all AHSA participating funds including details of many of the funds underwrite and trading names is available to assist hospitals with this can be found here.

HCP reporting requirements are legislated by PHI legislation which allows for remedial action to be initiated where these requirements are not met.

Please note that these are compulsory reporting requirements therefore facilities should contact AHSA Data Team if there are any issues that are affecting their ability to meet these requirements


Hospital HCP Due Dates 2023
Hospital HCP Due Dates 2023


SDX Hospital Registration Instructions


SDX Hospital Data Upload Instructions

For any queries relating to the submission of HCP or AN-SNAP data please contact AHSA data team.